Notes from Meeting of Tuesday 4 August

posted Aug 8, 2015, 7:43 PM by Michael Rees   [ updated Sep 18, 2015, 10:06 PM ]
Kay put together these notes of our August meeting.

  1. Handing out blank forms. See the note for detailed outcomes
  2. Talks on criminology at Elanora Library. Forensic Methodology will be conducted by a police officer.  The other topics, History of Crime and How to detect a lie will be given by Prof Robyn Lincoln, Bond University
  3. Judy P showed a copy of a fraudulent passport which she had certified. Michael W will request guidance from JP Branch on how to detect a fraudulent document and the responsibility of a JP in dealing with the presentation of a fraudulent document.
  4. Differences in responsibility, if any, of an attorney appointed for health matters under an EPA or an AHD.  See the note from Linda M after contacting the Office of the Public Guardian for clarification.
  5. Prisoner visits Form 27 Corrective Services and How to apply for a prison visit. Kay M requested clarification from JP Branch.  A JP is not required to witness/certify this document, only the ID copy for certification. A Stat Dec is required if a child is visiting, as well as certification of photo ID of the child.
  6. NSW EPA witnessing.  Changes to legislation has removed NSW JPs from witnessing these EPAs, therefore Qld JPs cannot witness.  Kay discovered the FAQ page. See the note for details.
Other topics:
  • Private businesses using JPs. Kay M and Judy P, witnessing at the Courthouse have experienced a Southport accountant’s firm sending staff to have copies of clients’ EPAs certified.. Five in the first instant and 12 in the second.  The explanation given is that the accountant who is a Com Dec usually does them but is too busy. Both JPs agreed to certify only one before taking the next customer. This would seem to be an unreasonable use of JP time for commercial gain.
  • Arrest warrants.  Kay M. There is now a requirement for JPs to put their name on the document and the latest proforma has a box in which to place the seal.
  • Michael W flagged the upcoming JP Branch PD workshops on the Gold Coast, see note. Suggestions for topics to be included in the second workshop are sought and should be forwarded to Michael W.
  • JPToK meetings.  It was decided to hold a second meeting each month with the variation of venue and time. This will allow those who cannot make the regular Tuesday meeting to join us for a coffee and discussion. Next Meeting Monday 17 August 10.30 ay Gloria Jeans Emerald Lakes