Feedback on Mini Workshops Concept

posted Apr 8, 2016, 8:00 PM by Michael Rees   [ updated Apr 8, 2016, 8:01 PM ]
When closed on 5 April 2016 our survey about mini JPToK workshops elicited 8 responses with 6 providing their names. One person was opposed to holding JPToK workshops with the others in favour.

As originally proposed a mini workshop was envisaged as a more focussed version of our regular meetings. One or two topics would be covered with a JPToK participant nominated for each topic to lead the discussion with the aid of a summary document and maybe some form examples. We would need a venue with chairs and tables to manage the paperwork. JPToK participants would attend with the usual invited guest or two.

The survey results largely bear out this view but inviting some outside speakers occasionally did receive support. Using community rooms in a library was easily the majority choice (but see below). Holding 2-3 mini workshops a year was very much preferred. There were no clear winners for workshop topics with the consensus being in favour of choosing topics as required and requested, especially concerning anomalous document handling.

The other comments raised questions on who would be invited to attend (the scale of the events), whether JPs in the Community should be involved, keeping the format simple and informal and relying heavily on the JP Handbook as the basis for discussion and resolution.

Subsequent feedback on venues:
  • Carol J checked via the Nerang Library that our JPToK group is eligible for free bookings of library community rooms. We are classed as a small not-for-profit community group. There are several dates in June where we could obtain a 1.5-2 hour booking at Nerang. Other libraries can be checked as well.
  • Carol J had Peter check out a shelter at Burliegh that might be an pleasant outdoor venue:

  • Judy H has suggested we could use the training room at Stocklands West Burleigh