Notes from meeting 4 October 2016

posted Oct 9, 2016, 8:19 PM by Michael Rees   [ updated Oct 9, 2016, 8:20 PM ]

2.30 pm Tuesday 4 October 2016, Emerald Village Community Room, Emerald Lakes, Judy H, Judy P, Karen, Bruce, MR, K.

Thanks to Kay for these notes.

1. Signing sites update

Australia Fair: Now has three people allocated to each two person shift and they are rotated over a two month period. This means that each person has a break every fourth week. The site is consistently busy, averaging 50 – 60 client per shift.

Robina: Numbers had dropped off but seem to be slowly increasing.

Pacific Fair: The location of the JP desk is not optimum, due to noise and lack of privacy.

2. Minimum age to sign an affidavit 

Advice obtained by Bruce and appearing in a previous JPToK note is that there is no age minimum, only that the person/child signing must understand the content.

3. Early Inheritance Syndrome

Karen reported that Radio National recently presented a program about Early Inheritance Syndrome on “Background Briefing” regarding EPAs, calling them the “Early Inheritance” as attorneys are accessing the principal’s funds. In Queensland only EPAs on the approved forms are accepted. Other States may differ. As well as the audio podcast the show transcript is available and makes easier reference.

4. Family Law Workshop

MichaelR reported on the recent Family Law Workshop he attended. His online report is available and the main points were:

  • Divorce Application Kits are no longer printed. Online e-filing is alwats preferred. Only if an applicant is unable to complete an e-file application will a hard copy be made available.
  • It is not necessary for the JP to view the complete application, only the two-page affidavit will need to be presented to the JP for witnessing.
  • The importance of ensuring that the couple have been separated for a year and a day is emphasised.

5. Volunteer Information Pack Version 8

The VIP Kit version 8 was published earlier in the year. From the brief note by Michael R it is the same as version 7 with a minor change to the contents page.

6. Inaugural QJA Friday Discussion Group

Michael R reported on the inaugural QJA Gold Coast Branch Discussion Group, being on the fourth Friday morning of the month. The topic of the first one was Traffic Infringement Notices. The QPS makes for a provision for an appointed attorney under a PA/EPA to sign the Sat Dec. This led to a discussion as to whether this was a financial matter or a personal one.

7. QJA Spring Journal

Michael R wrote a report on the QJA Journal for Spring 2016. The Q&A section mentions stat decs for sending photos to prisoners. There was discussion about attaching the photos as annexures. Consequently Judy H has sourced a letter and instructions form the Brisbane Correctional Centre on how to prepare the stat dec, which includes giving the name and date of birth of each child in the body of the affidavit. In March 2015 Michael R had written a post about this following the tip in the JP Bulletin for December 2014. He updated his post with the material provided by Judy.

Another part of the Q&A gave advice on acting as a support person for a child during a police interview. There was discussion of a list of instructions/suggestions for the JP which appears on pages 12 and 13 of the QJA Journal. The answers should appear in the JP's log book.

8. JP Bulletin Issue 12

JP Bulletin Issue 12 includes info on Land Titles and interesting stats re the JP in the Community Program.

9. White Card stat decs

There was discussion re the completing of the stat dec if the Observer’s section had not been completed. The general consensus was that this was not part of the stat dec, as it comes after the jurat, and therefore it did not affect the stat dec.

Next meeting will be Tuesday 8 November as 1 November is Melbourne Cup Day. Venue Emerald Village Community Room at 2.30.