Notes from meeting 6 September 2016

posted Sep 8, 2016, 5:08 PM by Michael Rees   [ updated Sep 8, 2016, 5:08 PM ]

Thanks to Linda for these notes: 

Attendance: 6

1. Matters arising

  • Employee Assistance Program – This is confidential professional counselling available to JPs and their families.  Judy H reported that we are entitled to four annual consultations with Live and Work Well (  This counselling service is available 24 hours a day on 1800 604 640.  It can be used for any stressful situation a JP feels the need to talk about.  Judy thought it would be a useful resource to have someone from the service at a future workshop.  Linda was interested to know whether all JPs in the JPs in the Community program had been made aware of this service.  It seems some centre coordinators had been advised, but it wasn’t clear whether everyone was aware of it.  Linda to follow up with Greg Thompson.
  • Pharmacist gold coin donation for stat decs – Greg Thompson’s response to Michael’s query was that pharmacists can witness stat decs and if not a JP, they can ask for a donation.

2. Reports from signing sites

Burleigh – Judy is now the site co-ordinator for Burleigh, taking over from JAG on 1 September.  She sees her role mainly in professional development.  She reported the site now has monthly revision sheets, with stat decs being covered first, to be followed by Affidavits and Annexures and Exhibits.  Some of the team are meeting next week to review how we handle EPAs and what questions should be asked.  Judy has had an information sheet printed to hand to clients explaining what EPAs and AHDs actually are.   (Michael – put Judy’s sheet in here)

Southport Park – Michael W reported he has a consistent team with rosters being no problem.  In October, he is relinquishing his regular spot on a Friday, and will then just sign as a reliever.  He said he is happy to continue as site coordinator. Judy commented that Greg Thompson was trying to make sure the independent sites had a rotating site coordinator each year, so that no-one feels they have to keep doing the role.  

Australia Fair – Michael R commented that they now have a rotating roster at Australia Fair, where the JPs have a week once a month when they are not signing on their regular day to allow others to sign.  General discussion about how this would impact on JPs and most did not think it would be popular at the sites where we sign.  There is some mentoring going on at Australia Fair. Judy is interested to know how this all works, as we have had no contact from anyone wanting to be mentored at Burleigh.

Robina – It was noted that there doesn’t seem to be any overall monitoring of gaps in the roster, though when numbers are down, JPs do fill in.  Otherwise it seems to work well.

3. Workshop reports – Nil

4. Affidavit clarification

Kay had submitted a query to JP Branch about what happens to annexures and exhibits when an Affidavit is resworn. A non-committal reply was received from Greg Thompson (part of the Short Notes collection). After discussion, the general consensus was that every page that was originally signed by the deponent or JP must be re-done with signatures, seals and dates etc. as this will become evidence in Court.

5. Possible social gathering

No-one was in favour of this for now.

6. Other business

Michael W raised a situation that arises at Southport Park where a psychologist sometimes brings Affidavits to be witnessed with confronting child abuse photographs attached.  He has asked her to advise JPs beforehand of the graphic photos so that JPs can decline to witness if they feel uncomfortable with that.  

Next meeting Tuesday 4 October 2016 at 2.30 pm