Notes from meeting 7 June 2016

posted Jun 7, 2016, 12:04 AM by Michael Rees

Tuesday 7 June 2016 2.30 pm in the Community Room adjacent to Gloria Jeans, Emerald Lakes, 6 attendees. Thanks to Jenny for arranging free use of this room.

  • Property transmission by death from Kay submitted prior to this meeting
  • About logbook contents from Kay  submitted prior to this meeting
  • Update on civil partnerships - Michael
  • Wills and probate - Judy P, discussion deferred
  • New higher Land Titles Registry Fees - Michael
  • QJA Affidavits summary sheet - Michael
  • QJA Journal Q & A discussion - Michael. We talked about theses questions from the QJA Journal Winter 2016 edition in the Q & A section on pages 12 and 13:
    • Q1 about identity documents for NZ financial institutions and certifying photos
    • Q2 Qld EPA principal who moves interstate
    • Q3 EPA attorneys creating AHD for original principal
    • Q5 witnessing stat decs already signed by deponent
    • Q7 Post office employees charging for cert copies
  • In the 10 T/F questions on affidavits from the same QJA journal on page 13 the assembled group proved we knew a great deal about affidavits scoring full marks!
  • Judy H mentioned the special general witnessing workshop being held at the Burleigh Stocklands training room on 24 June (more details to follow)
  • Carol W mentioned the services of the Wills Registry Australia