Notes from meeting 8 March 2016

posted Mar 12, 2016, 6:24 PM by Michael Rees   [ updated Apr 16, 2016, 7:41 PM ]

Thanks to Kay for assembling these notes.

Gloria Jeans Emerald Lakes. Present: Maggie, David, Bruce, Judy H, Linda, Karen, Michael R, Carol J, Kay

  • Social Activity.  The next meeting on 5 April will be a social get together at Kay’s home, 129 Heeb Street, Benowa.  BYO drinks and nibbles.
  • Information from last meeting highlights the need for JPs to continually review current documents.  Traffic Infringement Notices now require "at ... on ... " to be completed.  There was discussion as to whether this was time and date or place and date.  Judy H to clarify.  Since then several of us have observed that the originals have time and date
  • Certifying copies of downloads when original is viewed electronically was discussed.
  • Carol gave a summary of the recent Gold Coast QJA meeting.  See note.
  • Border Force have been contacting some JPs (referred by JP Branch) to confirm witnessing of Statutory Declarations in regard to 457 Visas and the payment of agent’s fees.
  • Judy and Carol discussed their attendance at the QAI/QADA session on Understanding Mental Health Guardianship.  See Carol's report.
  • The Mental Health Act 2016 has been passed.  It will be enacted later in the year.  It is believed that there will no longer be provision for JEOs.
  • There was discussion about the JP Handbook, 2015 version and whether this is the new Handbook which is to be released in 2016. Subsequent enquiries to the JP Branch indicated the 2015 version was simply a reprint of the current handbook, see note.
  • Alerted by Judy H, Michael mentioned the Changes to Land Title Practice Manual from 1 March 2016 mainly concerning eConveyancing. (Anyone can subscribe to the Titles Registry alerts.)
  • There was discussion about what is acceptable as ID from customers.  Reference was made to the Technical Bulletin 1/13.  JPs are required to be “reasonably satisfied” as the bona fides of the person, but photo ID is not mandatory.
  • The age limit for making a Statutory Declaration and Affidavit was discussed.  It is believed that in Queensland there is no minimum age for making a Stat Dec.  Bruce checked on Affidavits and submitted a useful note.
  • [Updated] Copying a simple true copy of an EPA/AHD (ie not a valid certified copy of the EPA with the correct wording).  It was agreed that this would be treated as any multiple page copy, i.e. “I have numbered and initialled each page of this…paged document being a true copy of the copied…. paged document I have sighted”.
  • My Health Record.  Carol reports that this can be filled out online, although it is not a simple task.