Notes from meeting 8 November 2016

posted Nov 10, 2016, 6:56 PM by Michael Rees   [ updated Nov 10, 2016, 6:57 PM ]

Emerald Lakes Community Room, 2.30 pm – Helen, Carol, Mark, George, Linda, Michael R, Kay

1. Matters arising from Notes and Actions

  • Early Inheritance Program was mentioned in the notes of the last meeting. Subsequently Bruce had emphasised the need for a national register of EPAs. All agreed it was necessary but foresaw practical and cost issues.
  • Commonwealth Attorney-Generals Dept, FAQs on Statutory Declarations page:
    • Q&A Minors and retirees[!!!] can make a SD
    • A SD can be in another language

2. News from signing sites

Christmas holiday operating times. Michael noted some sites believe they alone are open during the holidays (excluding public holidays). Collectively we noted Robina, Australia Fair, The Pines, and possibly Burleigh are open. Southport Park is closed 19 Dec to 14 Jan.

Stemming from an incident at Australia Fair there was a general discussion about dealing with children’s disruptive behaviour at signing sites.

3. Qld Handbook for Practitioners on Legal Capacity

Judy H had several copies made of the Qld Handbook for Practitioners on Legal Capacity from the Qld Law Society. Michael R has further summarised the Executive Summary. The handbook includes a useful flowchart which could form the basis of one JPs might use to establish capacity when witnessing EPAs and AHDs.

4. Latest QJA E-newsletter

QJA has their latest version of their EPA and AHD checklists available on its site.

5. Justice of the Peace in Practice

Michael R and Kay have competed their JP in Practice Guide for Mentors and are requesting feedback from all JPs.

6. Sending photos to prisoners

Although there are guidelines for the content of the Statutory Declaration there is confusion about what, if anything, should be written on the back of the photos. A useful summary of this process and some example wording was prepared by the Stocklands Burleigh justices.

7. Next meeting

Tuesday 6 December 2.30 at Emerald Lakes Community Room. Those attending are asked to bring a small plate of Christmas fair for afternoon tea.