Notes from meeting on 10 November 2015

posted Nov 15, 2015, 10:30 PM by Michael Rees   [ updated Nov 16, 2015, 11:22 PM ]

Thanks to Kay for taking these notes: 
  • Land Titles Workshop 
    • A report from the workshop is available from Michael Rees. This also contains a link to the slides one per page so some of the example land title forms are visible.S
    • Some institutions require two original copies of Forms 1,2, etc. 
    • Parish/County information will no longer be recorded after 30 November 2015. An email from Judy H provided the details and appears on Michael's blog. It is expected that Land Title documents will be lodged electronically by end of 2016 so there will no longer be any involvement for JPs.
  • Advance Care Planning.  CJ gave an overview of the work of a committee of which she is a member which is reviewing AHD and future care planning.  QH and JAG are cooperating on this project.
  • There was a discussion about the JP Branch registration form and some raised concerns voiced by GCJA in regards to the term “unpaid employee” and the legality of volunteering for more than 12 hours. Reference was made to the Fair Work Act 20009 and the Fair Work Ombudsman. John S later provided links to the Fair Work Ombudsman page about unpaid work and the Unpaid Work Fact Sheet.
  • JP Tom Hardin has written to JP Branch expressing concerns about the safety and security of JPOs in the Community Program. Damien Mealy has responded and MR has put the letters and responses on JPToK website.
  • Traffic Offenses Stat Decs NSW.  A newspaper article referred to the many fraudulent SD mad in NSW, using fictional names, International licenses and forging JPs signatures and information.
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney.  Kay M raised the issue of decision-making for a child of a principle by an attorney. She will follow up.
  • Domestic Violence Workshop Logan QJA.  Four JPs attended.  MR gave a summary of the workshop, which was conducted by DVConnect and Logan Police. A report will follow.
  • QJA State Conference Caboolture.  MR gave a summary of this Conference.

Anniversary/Christmas JPToK lunch.  Shirley offered to host this on Tuesday 1 December at a time and location to be advised.

January Meeting 12 Jan, 2.00 pm, Pink Lotus.