Notes from meeting Tue 6 October 2015

posted Oct 6, 2015, 9:50 PM by Michael Rees   [ updated Oct 12, 2015, 1:24 AM ]

Thanks to Linda for taking notes. 

Issues from previous meeting: 

Proof of Life forms – Linda noted that the daughter did have an EPA from her mother, and in this case would have been able to use that.

Land Titles Workshop

Michael and Carol are attending the JAG Workshop on the Gold Coast on 7 October, and will report back.

Domestic Violence Forum and Workshop 

Linda will be attending this QJA event on 31 October and will report back.

JP Bulletin

Michael ran through the Alerts and Information in the latest Bulletin, being a reminder of Anti-Discrimination laws, more from the Traffic Camera Office (you may use your seal but do not obscure information, white-out corrections to be initialled and no need to rule through non-applicable sections) and a note clarifying that it is the client not the JP who is advised to keep a copy of signed Form 888 Partner Visa Statutory Declarations.

First Anniversary Lunch

The suggestion is to have a lunch at 12 noon on 1 December to celebrate 12 months of the ToK!  Suggestions for a venue are requested – perhaps a club, or somewhere not too expensive.  We will collect numbers nearer the date.

JEO Workshop

Linda attended this workshop at JAG on 17 September.  It was presented by Debbi Goodchild, a Mental Health Intervention Cordinator from Metro South Addiction & Mental Health Service who has worked in Mental Health for over 30 years.  Linda found the workshop very informative, and given we do not know at the moment when legislation may be changed excluding JPs from signing JEOs, it’s something we should still know about.  The Intervention Program was explained and JEOs are actually a very uncommon pathway to care, compared to other processes.  Debbi explained what JEOs are and when they are an option, what to consider, how to process them and what happens after that. She would rather see JPs sign one than not, if we are unsure, as she says that way the experts have an opportunity to assess the patient. 

Linda is happy to pass on copies or scans of her workshop notes if anyone would like them.

POAs – New rules for Victoria

Carol has seen a notification from Victoria that the Financial POA and Enduring Power of Guardianship are to be joined into one document. She will follow up and report back, particularly as far as it concerns Qld JPs. An overview is available.

Gold Coast City Council

Carol noted that a flyer from the GCCC states a new City Panel is being set up for people in the community to have their say.  Michael will follow up. See his summary.

Health Dept Statement of Choices

Carol had a copy of a Statement of Choices document that looks to be set out in the same sort of format as an EPA or AHD, and she says is used in hospitals.  It is along the lines of an AHD but does not require witnessing by a JP.  Carol will follow up any implications for JPs and what the form is actually meant to do and whether it is legally binding. A preliminary report is available from Michael.