Traffic Infringement Workshop Report

posted Mar 20, 2016, 4:10 PM by Michael Rees   [ updated Mar 20, 2016, 4:13 PM ]

From Judy H:

I attended the JP Branch Traffic infringement Workshop this morning 15 March 2016 ... very informative ... a few points for your notes.
  • 9 out of every 10 camera/red light infringements come back as a Stat Dec.... 6300 Stats Decs per week with an average of 1300 being invalid.  (Qld as a State)
  • New Stat Dec form with "at:            on:           ".     It is acceptable for the deponent to write either the place or time for "at"...   ie Nerang on: 12-03-2016  or 12:45 on: 12-03-2016. 
  • Do not cross out the section "the vehicle was sold or stolen" even if it does not apply to your client.  (Leave it alone) 
  • An infringement can be valid for up to 12 months.... Do no refuse to sign if it is beyond the 28 days.... As JPs we do not know what might be going on behind the scenes.  (A chain of events can be in place whereby a nominated driver refutes the ticket etc). It is not our problem!! 
  • Preferred to use full legal name (especially for the nominated driver) but it will be accepted if the deponent omits their middle name.  Address for nominated driver - they must provide the last known address - even if it is for an overseas address. 
  • Company infringements - guidelines state the deponent must be a director, officer, manager etc but if a cleaner comes in - accept it..... I, Sue Brown of ABC COMPANY is acceptable.  Addresses should be the company address and a PO Box for a company is ok but not for Joe Citizen.  Sue Brown can nominate herself or another driver, regardless of her position providing she has OF ABC COMPANY next to her name. 
  • Do not use a fine black or blue must be dark enough to scan. 
  • On a self nomination, it is not necessary to write their address twice - acceptable on the 2nd address to write "as above". 
  • The saga of TO SEAL OR NOT.... If yah can fit it in without obstructing anything, use it.  The important thing is they want to know you are a JP or a CDec with a reg number.   Personally, I use my full legal name stamp with JP (QUAL) and then next to it write my reg number. 
  • Infringement Stat Decs can be returned by post or fax NOT SCANNED OR Electronically sent. They will not accept a scanned version... Please don't go there.... We all wanted to know but why will you accept a fax??? "They don't have the man power to accept emails" 
  • If stat dec is previously signed - rule out and have the deponent resign with the JP initialling the change.
  • Finally ticket holder can request to view the photo in order to identify can pay and keep the photo or view it at your local police station.  (Not sure of costs here)
 QPS Traffic Camera Office Website 1 300 360 610. Fax 07 3099 6138

Judy H