JP Table of Knowledge Next Meeting

The JP Table of Knowledge is an informal information sharing forum for JPs on the Gold Coast. This group meets over coffee to discuss JP matters. If you are free, drop in for an hour or so to meet fellow JPs to chat about document signing. The gathering is independent of association affiliations or signing site membership. 

If any JP is interested just come along to the next meeting in the Community Meeting Room opposite Gloria Jeans at Emerald Lakes, see map. The time and date is:

2.30 pm on Tuesday 6 June 2017

Topics for discussion are shown at

Send ideas for additional topics to Bring along reports of any workshops or JP meetings you have attended. We are always interested in new developments at your signing sites as well.

Feel free to subscribe to receive reminders of the next meeting.

Pass on the address of this next meeting page ( to fellow JPs who you think might be interested.